About us

Our Mission
Haereticus Environmental Laboratory (HEL) is a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to increasing the scientific, social and economic knowledge of natural environmental habitats in order to better conserve and restore threatened environmental habitats and resources.
Our Vision
Many ecosystems across the globe are in a challenged or declining condition. This ecological degradation has adverse consequences to human health and community stability. While steps have been made in trying to understand the nature of these changes in order to mitigate adverse impacts, there are few concerted and focused efforts that couple basic scientific research with environmental forensic methods. Information generated from this synergistic approach, coupled with collaboration between governments, community groups, institutions and private businesses can lead to better management policies and practices for restoration and conservation efforts, thereby improving the condition of ecosystems and public health.
Haereticus Environmental Laboratory conducts two forms of research: fundamental, applied. Basic or fundamental research is the effort of gaining an understanding of the principle components, relationship between and among components, and processes of a natural phenomenon. Once a sound understanding of the phenomenon is grasped, research can be conducted to examine the relationship between a specific natural phenomenon and human activity or desire. Applied research often includes the technological development, either to better understand the phenomenon being studied or to better manipulate the phenomenon.