August 6, 2021

How to Actually Buy Non-Toxic Sunscreen

Here’s the truth about what sunscreens are doing to your body — and the water. By Bethany George August 03, 2021  It’s warm outside, and people are […]
May 19, 2021

Vacation Hotspots Including Hawaii and Are Banning Certain Sunscreens: Here’s Why and What to Know

March 7, 2021

Chemical in sunscreen products transforms into carcinogen

A popular sunscreen and anti-aging cream ingredient, Octocrylene, degrades into a toxic chemical that is a known carcinogen and endocrine disruptor. Octocrylene naturally degrades into the […]
May 6, 2019

Can Oxybenzone Cause Hirschsprung’s Disease?

Oxybenzone from Sunscreens threatens birth defect. Recently, oxybenzone and octinoxate in sunscreen products have been banned in Hawaii and Key West, as well as by countries […]
February 19, 2018

Is your Sunscreen poisoning the Ocean?

One of the perks of being a Californian is that Hawaii is a quick, often affordable getaway: Without the need to escape frosty weather, we’re free […]