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August 6, 2017
Is your Sunscreen poisoning the Ocean?
February 19, 2018

World Economic Forum and Sunscreen Pollution

World Economic Forum takes note of SUNSCREEN POLLUTION harming the ocean and puts it on its GLOBAL AGENDA!

World Economic Forum posted the following article, in collaboration with The Conversation, to draw attention to the major issue of sunscreen pollution. It has now been put on the global attention and will get the attention it deserves! Read the entire article below.

Protecting your skin could be harming the ocean – this is why

A piece of coral can be seen in the reef flats in front of the lighthouse on Lady Elliot Island and 80 kilometers north-east from the town of Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia, June 9, 2015. UNESCO World Heritage delegates recently snorkeled on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, thousands of coral reefs, which stretch over 2,000 km off the northeast coast. Surrounded by manta rays, dolphins and reef sharks, their mission was to check the health of the world's largest living ecosystem, which brings in billions of dollars a year in tourism. Some coral has been badly damaged and animal species, including dugong and large green turtles, are threatened. UNESCO will say on Wednesday whether it will place the reef on a list of endangered World Heritage sites, a move the Australian government wants to avoid at all costs, having lobbied hard overseas. Earlier this year, UNESCO said the reef's outlook was "poor". Picture taken June 9, 2015. REUTERS/David Gray - GF10000144602

UVR filters from sunscreen have been linked to coral bleaching.
Image: REUTERS/David Gray
This article is published in collaboration with The Conversation

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